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HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal coverage

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal is continuing its engagement in rural areas of the hills and the Tarai. Owing to the increasing trend of internal migration and urbanisation, the programme increases its engagements in municipalities to address urban and peri-urban issues. Particularly for economic development activities, the programme works in economically potential areas, market places and corridors. Other initiatives are bundled and get connected with the attempt to increase synergies and collaboration with other HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and non-HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation funded projects, as well as ensuring efficiency and effectiveness based on historic involvement of the organisation.

HELVETAS Nepal follows four different approaches in its implementation
  • Cluster district coverage: The cluster districts are chosen on the basis of HELVETAS’ historic involvement, which was initially based on development indicators. It furthermore takes into account the connection between the districts and the availability of funding. 
  • Sub-national and National coverage: Sub-sector initiatives provide specific support on a sub-national or national level.
  • Market systems coverage: Market systems development initiatives provide specific support without specific boundaries, but taking into account relevant market actors at different levels.
  • Earthquake recovery and reconstruction: As a follow-up of the 2015 earthquake recovery and reconstruction activities are focussing particularly on Sindhupalchowk district with additional activities in-built into existing projects.