Country programme


HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal’s Development Goal is to ensure all women and men in Nepal, especially those who are economically poor and socially marginalized, have dignified lives. For this HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation sets out its vision of a society that ensures the basic needs of all people – men and women  are met and that they can live a life in dignity and peace;  guarantees all people the right of self-determination and allows them to participate in shaping their social and political environment;  manages its natural resources in a sustainable manner and is based on organisations and institutions that adhere to the principles of accountability, transparency, quality and effectiveness.
The organisation focusses its engagement on its core areas of expertise implementing three thematic and three cross-cutting programmes and contributing to six outcomes.


  • Women and men farmers implement sustainable and resilient food production and marketing systems that foster increased productivity and production.
  • Women and men in rural and urban settlements maintain adequate and sustained access to water for drinking and irrigation and to sanitation.
  • Private sector entities of different sizes provide opportunities to adequately skilled women and men for decent wage and self-employment.
  • Women and Dalit access equal and just opportunities in political, economic and public life.
  • Women and men, particularly from vulnerable communities, reduce their vulnerability and increase their resilience to the effects of climate change and disasters.
  • Institutions at different levels are effective, transparent and accountable to the rights of women and men and ensure inclusive and responsive decision making.