Transformation in our Lives

Tej Bahadur Bhujel ‘s father Dhan Bahadur Bhujel came to Safaitar, Dhankuta around 1949. He started working as a bonded labourer (hali). Tej Bahadur Bhujel is the second son who was born in 1965. Dhan Bahadur’s employer gave him 3 ropanis of land to him where he built a house in 1971.
The land at Safaitar remained to be infertile as there was no facility of irrigation system and food continued to be insufficient for the locals. As a result of this, the community people could not afford to have basic required food. To add to their anguish, the community people were isolated from basic needs like schools, health centers and market because they did not have any means to cross the river. Thus, Dhan Bahadur and Tej Bahadur along with the community people decided to put forth the demand to channel the water of Lyamlyame river to their village through a trail bridge in 1991.
Bridge Building at Local Level (BBLL) was the pilot project of Trail Bridge Support Unit which was started in 1989 and its working area was limited to 6 districts only initially. As the project expanded its activities in other districts i.e. Dhankuta, the demand of trail bridge was looked into and was surveyed in the fiscal year 1996/97. BBLL provided support to the communities “to build their own bridge.” The duo of father and son earned a reasonable amount of money and skill while working for bridge construction. Safaitar bridge was completed in the fiscal year 1998/99. Parallely, the work of irrigation system continued and the community people were successful in having both the trail bridge and irrigation system.
Tej Bahadur started farming on one ropani of land which he inherited from his father after having the service of irrigation. The produce from the land was now enough for family members to eat whereas previously it was not adequate. Life for him and his family members started to improve but unfortunately he had to bear the loss of his father in 2005.
He continued farming and began to earn more money by selling his crops. He was able to buy four more ropanis of land with money he had saved. He lives with his wife, two daughters and a son. Since he did not have the opportunity to go to school, his dream was to educate his children. He was able meet the expenses of his children’s education through his income by farming. Both the daughters studied till class X and are happily married now. His son, Sabraj Bhujel, who is 25 years old now, studied till class XI and is also married. He continued his father profession of farming. He sells chillies in the market and earns minimum Rs. 40,000/- per year. He has two daughters and one of them goes to school.

Additionally, Tej Bahadur has a goat farm and also works as an assistant mason. The Bhujel families’ dream of living a decent life was materialized because of the trail bridge and irrigation system in place.